December 6, 2022

Laboratory Safety with Flinn Scientific

It doesn’t matter how much time you have spent in a chemistry lab, when you are the one who is responsible for the lab and the students who use it, you have much to consider.   As a refresher I took a Laboratory Safety Class  from Flinn Scientific earning a Certificate of Completion (see below) for my efforts.

I was very impressed.  The presentations were very professional and incredibly thorough, and many of the narrative-styled presentations were even enjoyable.  I would recommend this course to all high-school teachers who spend time in the laboratory, and a middle-school version is also available.  Flinn Scientific did get a bigger share of my laboratory budget as a result of providing this free service, but most of the changes I made did not directly benefit Flinn at all.  See my posts on Custom Chemical Storage Shelving and on an Emergency Chemical Spill Center.

Lab Safety Certificate