December 6, 2022

Explore Particle Physics


dimensions of particle physics

I, Dr. Rob, am a particle physicist. While theoretical physics is an amazing topic, it can be difficult to discuss with non-physicists. For that matter it can be difficult to discuss with physicists from other fields. I am thrilled to tell my friends about Symmetry Magazine. The articles are short, well written, and the photos and other graphics are incredible. If you wish you may subscribe for e-mail updates that contain links to the feature stories.

Symmetry Magazine -- Annus Mirabilis

One article that is especially interesting concerns Einstein’s most famous equation, E=mc2. The article is Einstein’s most famous equation, and it contains a fabulous video that is only two and one-half minutes long. It discusses how mass may be converted into energy, such as fusion or fission energy. It also discusses how new particles are created in particle accelerators like the LHC. Just click on the Annus Miarbilis figure shown, or go to the article link above. The visuals are very powerful, and the discussion is surprisingly easy to follow.