August 1, 2021

Problem Set 6

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Physics 208-02 – Introductory Physics II
Problem Set 6
Nazareth College
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
Robert F Szalapski, PhD – Adjunct Lecturer
Spring 2012

Assigned Problems from Chapter 23: 4,9,14,20,27,30,49,52,53,55.

Indicate on your write-up how much time was required to complete the homework and how difficult it was.


  2. Complete the assignment on-line using Mastering Physics.

  3. Using the numbers in the book hand-in a written version of the homework in class or scan the homework and send as an e-mail attachment.

  • You may work in groups, but your write-up must be your own.

  • Use good quality paper such as printer paper or loose leaf – no ragged edges.

  • Write on one side only.

  • Use a single-column format.

  • Place name, date and problem-set identification on cover page.

  • Write your name and date on every page.

  • Circle your final answer.

  • Clearly show your work and your reasoning. Use mathematics, English, graphs as appropriate.

  • Use significant figures where appropriate.

  • No late homework will be accepted, but one assignment may be dropped for the term.


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