December 6, 2022

Course Notes

Smart Notebook files exported to PDF are available here.

Work & Energy

Work and Hooke’s Law:

… and demonstrating conservation of energy.

Atwood’s Machine

The simple version …

… and the double version with matrix solution by Wolfram Alpha.

Relative Motion – Fred

Solve with calculus. Very cool!

Circular Motion

Part I

Part II

Parabolic Form

Parabolic Form for Projectile Motion

Lecture Notes 11

Free-Body Problems

Lecture Notes 9–10

Free-Body Diagrams

Lecture Notes 8

Relative Motion: Galilean and Special Relativity

Lecture Notes 7

Projectile Motion & the Range Equation

Lecture Notes 6

Vectors, two and three dimensions, motion graphs and the equations of motion.

Lecture Notes 5

Vectors and the cross product.

Lecture Notes 4

Vectors and the dot product.

Lecture Notes 3

Motion with jerk, time-independent kinematics equation, problems and vectors.

Lecture Notes 2

Relating position, speed and acceleration with derivatives and integrals.

Lecture Notes 1

Instantaneous velocity and an introduction to calculus.

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