December 6, 2022


Assignment 20

  • Three equal masses, mass = M, are at the three vertices of an equilateral triangle with side lengths of a. The triangle rotates about the center of mass. What angular speed will balance gravity?
  • Chapter 12: 7E, 12P, 14P, 15P, 16P, 17E, 19E, 21E, 24P.

Assignment 19

  • Chapter 11: 72P, 74P, 75P, 76P, 86P, 89P, 90P.

Assignment 18

  • Chapter 11: 49E, 50E, 51E, 52E, 56P.

Assignment 17

  • Chapter 11: 12E, 13E, 23P, 30E, 34E, 38P, 41P, 57P, 59P.

Assignment 16

  • Chapter 9: 1E, 4E, 8P, 14E, 16E, 21P, 29P, 38E, 42P, 49E, 52E

Assignment 15

  • Chapter 8: 47P, 48P, 53P, 57E, 76P, 83P

Assignment 14

  • Chapter 8: 6E, 9P, 10P, 22P, 30P, 34P

Assignment 13

  • Chapter 7: 10E, 12E, 14E, 22E, 23E, 34P, 40P, 49P


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Assignment 12

  • Chapter 6: 21P, 22P, 23P, 25P, 31P, 32P, 36P, 40P

Assignment 11

  • Chapter 6: 57E, 62E, 63E, 65E, 67P

Assignment 10

  • Parabolic form for projectile motion

Assignment 9

  • Chapter 5: 10P, 48P, 57P, 58P, 64P

Assignment 8

  • Motion Graphs sheet

Assignment 7

  • Chapter 4: 19E, 24E, 40P, 79E, 83P, 89E, 91P

Assignment 6

  • Chapter 4: 5E, 7E, 10E, 13E, 16P

Assignment 5

  • Chapter 3: 37E, 39E, 40E, 43E, 49P
  • Read Chapter 4 sections 4.1 – 4.6

Assignment 4

  • Chapter 3: 35E, 38E, 46P, 54P

Assignment 3

  • Read Chapter 3: Vectors.
  • Problems: 19E, 22E, 23E, 27P, 29P, 34P.

Assignment 2

  • Given constant jerk J (da/dt = J) and initial position, xo, velocity, vo, and acceleration, ao, find the equation for x(t).
  • Given the standard equations for x(t) and v(t) with constant acceleration, eliminate time t between the two equations. Express the result in a “pretty” form.
  • Chapter 2: 21E, 26E, 28E, 30P, 32P.

Assignment 1

  • Read Chapter 2
  • Questions: 1-4, 12
  • Problems and Exercises: 8E, 14P, 20E, 36E, 37E, 39E

Summer Work

You may read or download your Summer Work assignment. You may also view Reflections on My Education by Dr. Rob. The summer reading and the example I give will hopefully put you in a reflective mood to start your own memoirs. (Notice that this directs to the same pages as for Physics 1.)

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