June 21, 2024

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We return to Hooke’s Law for the restoring force of a spring. Elastic potential energy is stored in a stretched spring. When a mass on a spring oscillates energy is being converted back and forth between kinetic and potential energy.

Power Sources

Focused on the generation of electricity and different sources. Links to simulations are included.


Power is the rate at which work is done.

Work & Energy

More on Work, Energy & Power, but especially the Work-Energy Theorem.

Mechanical Energy

Kinetic Energy, Potential Energy, Total Mechanical Energy & Energy Conservation.



Totally inelastic collisions, elastic collisions and kinetic energy.

Momentum Basics

Momentum, Force, Impulse and Conservation of Momentum.

Newton’s Laws

Force problems

The tension in the rope depends upon the acceleration of the suspended bucket.

Laws 1, 2 & 3

Inertia, F = ma, and equal but opposite.

Two-Dimensional Motion

Projectile Motion Calculations

When the initial velocity is at an angle to the horizontal. These computations were in preparation for the Projectile Motion lab.

Parabolic Form, V0 Horizontal

When the initial velocity has only a horizontal component. These computations were in preparation for the Galileo’s Ramp and Hit the Target Lab.

Projectile Motion

When the initial velocity has horizontal and vertical components.

Part I

Combining Vertical & Horizontal Motion


Notes on vectors …

… and a few applications that are useful for thinking about problems.

More Motion Graphs

  • Focusing on weak points from the quiz …
  • Slope or area under the curve? Use dimensional analysis!
  • Sketching motion graphs.

Review for Quiz 2

  • Time-independent equation.
  • Motion graphs.

Motion Graphs

  • The change in position is the area under the velocity-time curve.
  • The change in the velocity is the area under the acceleration-time curve.
  • The equations of motion for constant acceleration are derived using only the area under the curve. (1/2)at2 is explained!

Time Independent Equation

Algebraic derivation with examples.

1D Kinematics Review

In preparation for upcoming quizzes and tests.

Velocity & Acceleration

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