December 6, 2022

Quizzes & Exams

Momentum Quiz 1

This will be the first of a few quizzes on momentum and energy.

Second Trimester Grades

Students took great advantage of the opportunities for extra credit and going beyond the usual curriculum. These grades are well deserved!

Review Exam

Many students showed very impressive improvement in their understanding of the physics covered up until this point. The lowest scores from the beginning of the year are largely improved. Granted some students didn’t really need this exam as their trimester grades were already secured …

Dynamics Exam


Dynamics Quiz 2

The same mean and a slightly higher standard deviation as compared to the previous quiz.

Dynamics Quiz 1

Results are good. They follow the normal distribution expected.

Projectile Exam

Finally the exam!

Another Quiz on Projectile Motion

This was actually the second quiz on projectile motion and the third on two-dimensional motion. There were some awesome scores. A few students forgot some things over the break, and some received their best scores ever. Overall the mean has improved by 10 points!

Quiz on Projectile Motion

This was an interesting quiz.  For some students it was their best score yet, but some typically high-scoring students scored low.  We will have a week or review plus two more quizzes immediately after break.  (Lowest score dropped as always.)  An exam will follow.

First Trimester Grades

Exam 3 on one-dimensional kinematics and the Quiz on Projectile Motion saw several students move to the next grade such as moving from a C+ to a B-, etcetera. The trimester grades are displayed in histogram form below.

Exam 2: Time-Independent Kinematics & Motion Graphs

Scores on the exam improved significantly as compared to the quiz.  Overall the class grades are stronger than the exam scores.

Quiz 2: Time-Independent Kinematics & Motion Graphs

Exam 1: Kinematics in One Dimension



Quiz 1: Kinematics in One Dimension

Download the solutions here!

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