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Physics C
2014 – 2015 General Information

Dr. Robert F. Szalapski
The Harley School – Physics

§ 1. Contact Information

Web site:

We will make extensive use of my web site, Every student must have an account on this website. My Google calendar is embedded on the “Students/Harley Physics” page, and it will be updated frequently. A wide variety of links and down-loadable resources are available here.


This is the fastest and most reliable form of communication. My Harley e-mail is, and associated with my website I have

Communication is a good thing, and more is generally better.

§ 2. Syllabus

This class will not be an official AP® course, but it will be referred to as Physics C. I will provide a sample AP Physics C syllabus for comparison. We will begin with Mechanics incorporating calculus and studying rotational kinematics & dynamics with a focus on preparation for the AP® exam in early May. In the late winter or spring we will begin topics that would be from the second Physics C course. Because all participants of this course have excelled in AP® Physics B I would like to allow the students more choice with regard to topics covered.

§ 3. Grading

I like exploration, and to the greatest possible degree this course will be hands-on and exploratory. To me Physics is like seeing into the secret blueprints of Creation, and Understanding is a great motivation. I do not like tests and grading, but we will have them in order to prevent the collapse of the fabric of Western Civilization as we know it. Points will be assigned in three major categories as shown in the pie chart to the right. Explanations of each category will be given below. The result will be an allegedly useful measure of something that hopefully correlates with actual learning.

Most notably there is not a significant laboratory component to this course due mainly to the available resources and an exceptionally small course roster.







This should feel more like a university physics course where the lab is completely separate.

§ 4. Text Book

We will be using: Fundamentals of Physics 5th Edition Extended, Halliday, Resnick and Walker, John Wiley & Sons, 1960 (initially).


§ 5. Class Binder

Please use one.

§ 6. Calculators

Bring either a scientific or a graphing calculator every day!

§ 7. Cell Phones

Cell phones serve no constructive purpose in the classroom. They should be silenced and out of sight – preferably left in your locker.

§ 8. Food, Drink & Gum

You may have water in a non-spill container which you keep on your workspace on the instruction side of the room. Nothing else is permitted, and even water is not allowed on the lab side of the room or near computers and equipment.


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