December 6, 2022

Exams and Quizzes

Letter grades apply to overall points averaged across all aspects of the course. Individual test scores are likely to be much lower than the eventual course grade. This is intentional. By the end of the year you will be ready to take the exam offered by the College Board. For additional details please see the course syllabus.

Letter Grade Point Range
A+ 95 ≤ Points < ∞
A 90 ≤ Points < 95
A- 85 ≤ Points < 90
B+ 80 ≤ Points < 85
B 75 ≤ Points < 80
B- 70 ≤ Points < 75
C+ 60 ≤ Points < 70
C 50 ≤ Points < 60
C- 40 ≤ Points < 50

Year-End Grades

All students have a reason to feel pride.

Third Trimester Grades

A very strong trimester.

Simple Harmonic Motion & Waves

Nice results!

Dynamics Exam II

This is the most challenging exam of the year. These are good results!

Dynamics Exam I

This is a very good start to the “home-stretch” towards the AP Exam!

Second Trimester Grades

Grades are strong, ranging form B- to A+ with an A- as the average. One more strong push until the AP Exam!

Rotational Kinematics Exam

This is a pretty strong exam. There will be opportunities to improve understanding as we work on Rotational Dynamics.

Momentum Exam

Excellent results!

Momentum Quiz

Work, Energy and Power Exam 2

Work, Energy and Power Quiz

Work, Energy and Power Exam 1

Exam scores are lower than usual, so we will have a second exam and a quiz.

UCM and Gravitation Exam

First Trimester Grades

Awesome first trimester!

Dynamics Exam

Awesome results!

Dynamics Quiz

Course Grades: Updated after Two-Dimensional Kinematics Exam

Overall course grades remain strong.

Exam: Kinematics in Two Dimensions

Quiz: Kinematics in Two Dimensions

Students have mostly mastered the high-school level of this subject.

Grades at First Half Trimester

The first grade report is very positive. Note that class scores are higher than typical exam scores, and this is expected. We have a solid class. Every student present is challenged and also ready for the challenge. Please note in Schoology that overall grades are typically a little bit higher with the inclusion of summer grades. This will help to improve your final year-end grade.

Exam: Kinematics in One Dimension

I am very proud of the performance on this first very-difficult physics exam. Scores may be lower than what students have experienced in other courses, but this is very solid for your first major challenge of the year. You are learning fast. Course grades are much higher as may be seen in the mid first trimester grades shown above.

Data Fitting Quiz in Excel

Students did extremely well on this quiz with the lowest grade being an A- and five perfect scores.

Your graded Excel file with an inserted scoring rubric will be returned to you via e-mail. The requirements are available here for download.

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