December 6, 2022

Quizzes & Exams

Momentum Exam

Momentum Quiz II

Momentum Quiz I

Energy Exam

Good work!

Second Energy Quiz

Some very good improvements as we move towards the exam!

First Energy Quiz

Definitely indicates some good progress, but not entirely where we want to be for the exam.

UCM, Gravitation & Standard Model Exam

Students found this to be one of the more difficult exams of the year, but overall results are still pretty good. These results were comparable to the first exam on one-dimensional kinematics and the second-trimester review exam. The next two subjects will likely be easier.

Second Trimester Grades

Exam scores combined with labs and homework provide very strong trimester grades. Feel good about these grades! This is a challenging course, and students have worked hard for these gains.

End of Second Trimester Review Exam

We’ve learned much already! On average scores are pretty strong. This is valuable feedback to students who may want to make some adjustments for the third trimester. There are some big similarities as compared to the review exam at the end of the first trimester. We will discuss strategies in class.

Second Dynamics Exam

This exam was much harder than the first dynamics exam, but student performance was equally strong. Outstanding!

First Dynamics Exam

Students performed pretty well. We will be studying more about dynamics, and we will have another exam.

Projectile Motion Exam

Results are very consistent with first trimester exam results.

First Trimester Grades

The average grade in the class is an A-. These grades were earned with very hard work!

First Trimester Review Exam

Several students improved their trimester grades with this exam, but a few went down.

Two-Dimensional Kinematics — Part 1

More One-Dimensional Kinematics

Mid First Trimester Grades

When the lab component, the classroom component and the exam component are all combined, grades in the class are extremely high. In order to remain high students will need to focus on exam scores. Students are generally able to respond to the demands of the exams as they gain more exposure to the high expectations. We’re off to an awesome start!

One-Dimensional Kinematics

I am very proud of the results for this class. This is a very solid performance for the first hard physics exam. Overall course grades are higher than the exam results. I will post the distribution of mid-tri grades next week.

Working with Data

With twenty-one of twenty-five students having completed the exam, the results thus far are very strong.
WWD exam histogram of results
Data sets may be found here.

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