December 6, 2022

Quizzes & Exams

Momentum Exam

Momentum Quiz II

Momentum Quiz I

Energy Exam

Some scores are very much improved!

Second Energy Quiz

First Energy Quiz

This shows some very good progress. We will have another opportunity to improve before the exam.

UCM, Gravitation & Standard Model Exam

This wasn’t the highest-scoring exam of the year, but it wasn’t the lowest either. Students did well for a difficult unit. The next two units will likely be stronger.

Second Trimester Grades

This class has done very well. The average grade is a B+.

Second Trimester Review Exam

Some students showed incredible learning and really improved their overall grade. Some will need to make adjustments for third trimester.

Second Dynamics Exam

The mean was a little higher than on the first dynamics exam. Several students improved, but a couple of scores went down.

First Dynamics Exam

Scores were pretty good. We will spend more time on dynamics and have another exam.

Projectile Motion Exam

The exam results were fairly average as compared to the first trimester. This is the most mathematically intense exam of the year.

First-Trimester Grades

First-Trimester Review Exam

Two-Dimensional Kinematics — Part 1

More One-Dimensional Kinematics Exam

Mid Trimester 1 Grades

Scores at mid first trimester combine exam, lab and classroom scores. Grades are very strong with most in the A — B range. In order to maintain these high scores students will need to focus on improved exam scores and making use of review materials and homework.

One-Dimensional Kinematics Exam

This exam is the first major hurdle of the year. As may be seen from mid first trimester grades, exam scores tend to be lower than the overall grade.

Working with Data

The results of the first exam are very good.

Data sets may be found here.

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