December 6, 2022

Commercial Experience

ITT – Space Systems Division – Rochester, NY (2004 – 2010)

Staff Engineer – Dynamics & Controls Group

  • Developed MEX Wizard auto-code generation tool reducing Matlab to C/C++ code integration time by 99% with exceptional ROI. Implemented using Rhapsody with UML and C++ code generation with a GUI in Matlab. Developed training materials and led training program for colleagues.

  • Created the FRF Wizard tool suite for FRF estimation from calibration/system-identification data with C++ and Matlab GUI for on-time and on-budget program deliverables exceeding specifications.

  • Developed hybrid C/C++ – Matlab software for interactive reading/writing and extraction of binary CCSDS or similar VCDU binary packetized telemetry in a flexible/scalable/extensible approach for high performance.

  • Wrote tutorials on quaternion rotations and light-speed effects in orbital mechanics and contributed significantly to orbital simulations with Simulink through C++ code and S-Function blocks.

  • Created a Matlab application with novel algorithms to scan vibe-test data for transient events reducing analysis time in excess of 99% and preventing schedule slippage.

  • As Subject Matter Expert for MathWorks Matlab and Simulink products saved the company $400,000 in licensing fees while maximizing ROI through resource management and aggressive training programs.

  • NESA (Non-contact ElectroStatic Actuation) Lead Engineer including actuator/sensor
    design and optimization with mechanical-optical-electrostatic analysis through C++ – Matlab – NASTRAN integration. Hardware fabrication with Au, Ag and SiO2 thin-film coatings and clean-room electrical assembly.

Synopsys, Inc. (Avant!/Xynetix) – Victor, NY (1999-2003)

Senior R&D Engineer/Software Engineer

  • Lead engineer working with customers and team members to develop new products for the electrical analysis of integrated circuits, IC-chip packages and printed circuit boards with elements listed below. Obtained $2 million co-investment from STMicroelectronics.

  • Authored extensive C++ template libraries for linear algebra, numerical methods, planar and solid geometry.

  • Developed efficient surface and volumetric meshing engines for three-dimensional geometries.

  • Created a package for the automatic generation of VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) worlds to display three-dimensional solid and meshed models created by analysis tools.

  • Commercialized and integrated the MIT/DARPA Fast Cap (electrostatic) and FastHenry (magnetostatic) Maxwell field-solver codes for interactive usage.

  • GUI implemented with Java and integrated with C/C++ through JNI (Java Native Interface).

  • Analysis time was reduced from 24 hours to 15 minutes performed on a PC instead of “big iron” hardware.

Sungard Trading Systems – Pittsford, NY (1999)


  • Developed multi-threaded client-server software on the Solaris/UNIX platform for real-time trading of securities on electronic exchanges including the NASDAQ.

  • Extended development of NASDAQ trading simulator.

The Mane Event Combined Training Stable – Madison, WI (1990-1994)


  • Built a small business from the ground up.

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